‘Losing my dad was my lowest moment’, Atemi Oyungu gets candid

She prefers to keep her life away from the public. Kenyan musician Atemi Oyungu is opening up about her life in a rare interview.

Speaking to Word Is, Atemi recently opened up on losing her dad to cancer, describing that as the lowest moment of her life

“Losing my dad to Cancer in 2005 was my lowest moment ,what most people do not know is that before his death its only my dad and I who were leaving in Kenya.

My whole family leaves abroad, so it was just me and him. In Africa I don’t think people value friendship that much as people abroad do, and when my dad died the realization hit really hard. It was difficult and still is.”

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We asked her on what she does to unwind after a long day and you won’t believe her response.

“My way of unwinding is watching series’,while watching I sometimes ask my callers to give me some time to watch a few episodes then call them back.

Other times I just let phones ring till I watch to my satisfaction only receiving those I feel are important and urgent.”

Well that’s not all Atemi confessed that she at times cries so hard while watching series’ one would be forgiven for thinking she has received some bad news.

Haven’t we all cried at some point? It just goes to show she is human despite all the fame.

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