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‘My wife fed and clothed me for almost two years after I lost my job,’ city husband brags

In a recent discussion on the breakfast show with Maina and Kingangi in the morning, a caller left many in shock after confessing that she supported her husband after he lost his job. Without grumbling and ending up bitter and jaded.

The topic had been brought about after a female caller asked men to stop bringing their nasty and rude attitudes home with them from work.

But rather they should discuss with their wives what they are going through after all the wife will not guess what is on their mind.

The woman who opened up about supporting her husband said it was worth it given the fact that he had already gotten a better job now.

She told the morning radio hosts,

“When my husband lost his job, he came home very withdrawn and he passed me in the sitting room without even saying,’Hi’. He directly went into the bedroom changed into his pyjamas and went to sleep without even taking a shower. When I asked him what is going on he was quiet when I insisted he answered back shouting asking if I expected him to come home dancing yet he had lost his job.”


I told him that another job would come since I was still earning after all it had already happened and there is nothing that could be done about it . I told him that apart from my salary we could use our savings,we did this for one year and finally he has a job which is a big blessing for us.”

The woman’s confession brought about the question would you support your husband if he lost his job?

A male caller narrated how his wife supported him for a year plus without complaining. This is something that is highly commendable in this day and age where women claim ‘my money is my money and your money is our money ‘.


He said:

“I stayed for 1 and a half years without a job and my wife fully supported me to the extent of buying me airtime, giving me transport cash and clothing me. I had nothing to my name she even sorted all the bills such as electricity and rent and we are still together and she does not have a problem with the fact that she supported me when I had no job.”

The  caller was given a chance to thank his wife for the support she gave him. Here is his message to the wife.

“I just want to tell her that I love her. She is one in a million and that I will never find someone like her.”

The question goes back to you, for how long would you be willing to support your spouse in this case, your hubby, if they lost their job?

Listen to the entire saga on the audio below


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