Ray C and Lord Eyez in the past

Rapper Lord Eyes reveals crazy reason he split from singer Ray C

Lord Eye is the Bobby Brown to Ray C’s Whitney Houston, the Ike Turner to Tina Turner. The rapper has the unenviable distinction (which he denies) of being known as the man who introduced Ray C to hard drugs thus destroying her chances of becoming the queen of East African music.

Lord Eye
Lord Eye

The rapper who dated the singer when she was at her most potent recently spoke about his experiences dating the singer.

The rapper who says he has been clean from drugs revealed some mementos from his time dating the sleepy-eyed (some call them bedroom eyes) Ray C.

Ray C
Ray C

During an interesting interview with Wasafi TV, the rapper explained the reason the two musicians split. And could you guess what the reason was?

Diamond Platnumz Pens Heartfelt Message To Reformed Drug Addict Ray C

The drugs? Nah! Other women? Nah! Domestic abuse? Nah! Apparently, Ray was jealous of his career!

The rapper said and I quote,
“Yule mwanadada lazima nimsifu na siwezi nikakaa sehemu nikamu-attack kwa sababu kweli nilimpenda. Ni mtu ambaye ana upendo wa kweli. Ni mzuri sana, sema wivu ndilo lilivuruga libeneke lile. Alikuwa na wivu kupitiliza kwenye kazi (music) ikawa inasumbua ilibidi tu-split.”

Ray C
Ray C

Even I call bull on that excuse! The rapper was and is still an unknown entity among many East Africans with his only notable contribution being that he had dated her at her prime.

While I give him credit for not knocking her in the interview, I would have liked more honesty from him.

But who knows maybe he isn’t lying and the world is flat after-all.

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