Long lashes to bonnets! 20 things girls wear that irritates men


Men and women have different views when it comes to what’s fashionable and what’s not. That’s a discussion one Twitter user @aniete_emah asked men to contribute their thoughts. He asked “MEN ONLY: Name something that women wears, that irritates you”

Majority said the long lashes, bonnets and waist beads were some clothing items that annoys them.


1. @Real_jaeflex
That Cabin biscuits shoecabin shoe

2. @Oladapomikky

3. @Wizzfarukk
Pant and bra

4. @mikeishere01
Crazy amount of waist beads

5. @Acedouglas1
Heavy make-up

6. @bigdaddyvinz
Waist beadsWoman measuring waist

7. CleverlyAhmed
Push up bra

8. @aystickz
Skinny girls wearing leggings

9. @Aro_tobs
Excess makeup and bra straps

10. @Spend0Gustav0
Palazzo rubbish

11. @Ememmoses_
Waist bead and ankle chain

12. @Tegadeyforyou
Overly long eye lashes.lashes

13. @Deminathor_
that helmet is annoying asl.

some even wear it to church.

are you mad?

14. @triple448
Big ear rings

Armless top that expose armpits in this hot weather.
And most importantly, pot belly.bonnet

16. @Blazin_Frost
Gigantic eyelashes

@17. JayMungaa
Jeans on a date

18. @chuksmarcello
Wearing leggings when you’re not thick

19. @Nonoza_Matsik
That t-shirt which is also a panty, I don’t know whether it’s a costume or wat.

20. @nycAbdul

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