LONELY HEARTS! 5 Reasons Why Some Ladies Didn’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day came and went, and lovers all over the world celebrated each other in one way or the other.

It’s obvious that this day is mostly made for those who are in relationships or are married, with most of the women having more of the fun since the day is somewhat considered a lady’s day.

Most of those women who celebrated this lover’s day were either taken out for candlelit dinners, received flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, shoes – all those cliche things – and for the lucky ones, some even received brand new cars.

Valentine's Day

But the truth of the matter is that not everyone enjoyed this day or had fun. For them, this was just a normal day where they went about their typical routines, then headed back home.

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For those who didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, this may be because of their own personal reasons, and I cannot claim to know each one. How about we delve into some of the reasons that might have led some ladies not to celebrate this romantic day.

1. They Are Single
This is most definitely one of the obvious reasons why a lady could have decided to skip celebrating Valentine’s Day. If you don’t have a better half, then it would not sense unless you’re buying yourself flowers. For some single ladies, they decide to celebrate the day by appreciating family or close friends.

2. Valentines Day Is Not That Important
For some couples, this day doesn’t signify anything and at the end of the day, it’s all about celebrating love and your better half every day of the year. After all, who said that if your man or woman doesn’t treat you or buy you something special on Valentine’s, they don’t love you. Other ladies get presents every weekend…

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3. They Got Dumped The Day Before/Same Day
Yes, there are some guys or ladies who actually dump their better halves on Valentine’s Day and instead of celebrating love, you start nursing heartbreak. For some people, it’s not planned and issues just crop up towards at that time, while for some, they might have had a few options and it happens they decided to go for the other one instead of you.

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4. The Guy Went Missing/Quiet
When a man has more than one woman, most of the time he will pull a quick one on the side chick because he has to be with his main lady or wife. Some mistresses aka “clandes” usually know that this man will not be around and maybe the only consolation they get is him sending some cash.

5. Long Distance Relationships
If you are dating a man who works in another country, there’s nothing much you can do on Valentine’s Day, other than act like it’s a normal day for you. Of course, the man will video call or something of the sort, and wish you a good one, but his presence (or lack of) makes a big difference. But hey, at least you have a man.




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