Loise Kim advises men to vacate their mother’s houses after hitting 25 years

Gospel singer Loise Kim has advised young men to be independent after they are 25 years.

The single mother of two said men at 25 years should vacate their parent’s homes and look for wives and start building their lives.

She said it is the dream of all parents to see their children grow from one level to another.

Her statement left her fans divided as some supported her, saying that would lead to more responsible men.

“Young men, when you hit 25, you should not be living in your mother’s houses waiting for food to be ready. Be responsible, look for a wife and start your life. All parents are happy to see their children grow from one level to another.”

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Loise Kim
Loise Kim

Check out comments from her fans;

Boniface Njoroge; Life is very unfair, we prepare these kids with education all their lives, but what we want them to do 1st after finishing school is getting married. with zero experience in relationships and marriage. Watajijulia wenyewe. I’m thinking of myself after school, what I wanted was just a ka lady with long hair like that one of “the bold and the beautiful” we go holding hands.

Tito Tiria: The problem with our gospel ambassadors is lack of a definite stand. The other day you were telling us God’s time is the best (and not sure whether he checks age to give Grace for a particular activity) & Ecclesiastes 3-1, today you are telling us to check our age and align to society and cultural ideologies in making decisions.We are only following you, so you tell us what the Bible says. We can get the other knowledge from the world in abundance. Please avoid these uninformed society-pressured posts.
John Maloba:  We guide and advice them. Those who rebel end up seeing the real face of the term STRUGGLE, but we still wish them well but kuna wale sumbua tu. Unawaachia dunia. As for marriage, you do it when you are ready. A family needs steady finances and lots of maturity.
Kevine Okene: Thats how u look at it but other people you see don’t have the same story maybe ni situation and it’s deep thank God Mungu amekupa kazi so you think people who luck its because they don’t work hard .take every grace with humility.


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