Lmfao really! Tanasha Donna tells fan about her body count 


The question of whether Tanasha Donna is single or dating is something she has been inundated with.

In a Question and Answer segment on Instagram, Tanasha encouraged her fans to ask her anything.

And KOT love this opportunity to quiz their favorite celebrity. For Tanasha it was all about if she is single or dating. There have been rumors that she has been spotted severally with Nigerian singer Oma Lay, with blurry pictures of them in Sudan and Mombasa leaked online.

Neither has responded to the allegations.

So in the QnA, Tanasha was asked ‘Are you dating?’

She responded with a thinking face emoji. Hmmm, that doesn’t answer the question siz.

She was also asked about her body count replying ‘lmfao really?’

She was also asked how she would handle a man who doesn’t love her ‘How can you handle a situation like you love someone and he doesn’t love you back’

Tanasha said ‘I think when I was in my teens I went through this. However if that’s the case you MOVE & Keep MOVING baby. Never look back’

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