Lizz Njagah with her husband Alex 2

Liz Njagah shares heartwarming message on 7th marriage anniversary

Lizz Njagah or as she is known right now, Lizz Konstantara shared an emotional message on her social media page. In the message, she celebrates the 7 wonderful years she continues to have together with her Greek husband.

Lizz Njagah with her husband Alex
Lizz with her husband Alex

She wrote on her Instagram page;

Happy Anniversary baby!! Its been 7 years of “me asking you if you have seen my keys/ my phone, 7 years of making movies together, making babies. 7 years of animated discussions and 7 years of laughter. In reality though it feels like a lot less than 7 years.. it feels like we just got married the other day. We’ve crossed Countries to be together. As we continue down this journey of great discovery, I pray that God will Alex Konstantaras

see us through. Together. I love you and I am excited to be on this journey with you… Alladin was the perfect anniversary date.. I love that I get to see a WHOLE NEW WORLD WITH YOU.

Lizz married her filmmaker and director husband Alex Konstantaras on 10 June 2012 at St. Alexandros church in Greece. The two have been blessed with two sons in the course of their marriage.

Lizz Njagah with her family
Lizz with her family

The actress who has appeared in notable projects such as Makutano Junction, House of Lungula moved to Greece to be with her husband in 2016 following the birth of her first child in 2016.

Lizz Njagah with her children
Lizz in Greece

Her marriage reminds me of Julie Gichuru’s. Julie isn’t afraid to constantly write sweet nothing’s about her husband, Anthony Gichuru. The two have been married for 16 years and were blessed with 5 kids although one passed away in 2005.

Julie Gichuru with her family
Julie Gichuru with her family

The Gichuru’s still seem to be in love with each other after all those years. Could Lizz and her Grecian man mirror and surpass this feat?

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