Listen as Kenya men confess leaving their matrimonial homes for MWK’s because of their wives

Maina Kageni’s morning conversation started on a high note today with men confessing why they would leave their women for their Mpango Wa Kando’s and never return back to their matrimonial home.

Well, today Maina’s topic was based on a woman he met during the weekend whose husband disappeared and never returned, leaving his children with the wife and went to his MWK, forgetting about her and he  does not even pick her calls.

Mwalimu on the other hand said that no matter how long he goes away from his home, he will still come back and women should be patient, but Maina didn’t buy that.

He was mad and had this question, “Guys! What can make you forget the woman you walked down the isle with and your children for another woman? He also asked the MWK’s to tell him what they give to these married men in that they even forget their first wives.

The discussion had mixed reactions as always. One man said,”For a man to disappear from his home, there must be something she did to him that even on national radio, you can’t say it. Its better you leave than committing murder and end up in prison rather be at peace and free somewhere!”

Another male caller confessed to have left his wife 4 years ago. He told Maina, “you need to understand that women make men go away,  you know these women are the ones who make us go and another one welcomes us in. Connect that Maina. The kids are mine and I do not refute that. I have been gone for four years, I do everything for the children. She should not wait for me but I will go back maybe some days. These women are hell. I spoke to her 2 years ago and when I want to help my children, I just go there without her notice.

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