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A List Of Men Considered ‘Dangerous’ By Kenyan Women

Women are fascinated by different things when it comes to a man,but who would have imagined that some careers are actually a turn on to women.

We take a look at men women find fascinating but dangerous at the same time.

1. Beard Gang

Bearded men are often considered more attractive and ‘Manly’ compared to those whose faces are as soft as a baby’s bum.


2. Tattoo artists

Tattoo artists are considered dangerous because of the number of pretty women they encounter in line of their work.

Most of these women are more than willing to expose their bodies for the artists depending on where they want their bodies tattooed. With it obviously comes loads of temptations.

bobi wines wife tatoo
Bobi Wines wife showing off her tatoo

4. Photographers

Only a photographer would ask a lady to bare it all for a nude photo and she does it without hesitation, hence why ladies fear such.

5. Conductors

I would not want to label them ‘cheap’ but we know one or two ladies who would do anything to land free rides back home every single evening.

This obviously comes with a hefty price and in most cases, some end up offering their bodies in return.



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