Size 8 with DJ Mo

Apart from Size 8, these are the female celebs who have allegedly been cheated on

This past week the entertainment news has been rocked by allegations that Dj Mo had cheated on his wife Size 8 with a socialite called Margaret Wanyama.

The claims caught many (including myself) by surprise because the Dj had molded a squeaky clean image for fans and Kenyans alike.

Size 8, don’t leave Dj Mo even if he allegedly cheated on you! (opinion)

Below are some other female celebs who have also allegedly been cheated on;

Gloria Muliro

Gloria herself revealed the information that her husband Eric Omba had allegedly cheated on her and said that he was a wanton philanderer.


Sasuun who was married to Kenrazy, was allegedly cheated on by her husband Kenrazy in way back in 2013 with a lady called Sally.

Diana Marua

Diana who is now married to Bahati, once revealed that was left completely heartbroken after finding her ex-boyfriend pants down with another woman. Diana revealed in a YouTube post that on the same morning they were going to shoot the Mapenzi video with Bahati, she found her boyfriend naked with another woman.

Jackie Matubia

The former Tahidi High actress and presenter of Chatspot on Switch TV was allegedly cheated on by her husband, Kennedy Njogu. The evidence was sent to Edgar Obare’s Instagram page with some women sending screenshot claiming that they had slept with him.

Jackie disclosed they had separated in March 2019, but the women claimed they had been seeing her husband as far back as 2017.

Milly Chebby

The famous wife of comedian Terrence Creative was a victim of his cheating after he philandered with a young 20-something influencer.

He even admitted to cheating on his Instagram page, saying, “Yes I did, and through it, I’ve learnt my lesson. Milly and I will talk about it someday.” He said. When asked why he cheated on his wife, he blamed it on the devil.

“Shetani huja kwa njia mingi, ashindwe kabisaa. Akii sitarudia tena.” He vowed.

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