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Young kids might be exposed to predators! Lillian Muli about social media dangers (exclusive)

Lillian Muli has come up the ranks of media and reached the top using her savvy and smarts. The chocolate beauty has also gained a reputation as a no-nonsense media personality who speaks her mind and calls it as she sees it.

This week, Lillian touched on a topic that was very close to her heart-The way people are exposing their kids on social media, writing;

What had spurred her interest? She told me,

“I read an article in one of the popular dailies where a writer had talked about the dangers that we were exposing our children to.”

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“They are entitled to a private life. Just because you have a private life doesn’t mean you should expose them to the public, which can cause mental issues. Just look at some popular Hollywood child actors who got fame early. That media attention happened to early.”

Lillian then went on to point out the dangers didn’t stop there as there were predators lurking online ready to take advantage of those minors, going on to say;

“Secondly, he highlighted that we were exposing children to predators who can take advantage of these children. They might be babies but what about when they get an age when they can correspond on social media? Who will they be speaking to? Who will be DMing them?”

But Lillian does understand that there are monetary considerations to why people put their kids on social media but stated that she wouldn’t do it herself, stating;

“I would say that each should do as they please but I don’t want to monetise my child. I don’t want my child to be singled out. I was not talking about any celebs but that children should be allowed to be children. They should get the opportunity to choose the path that they want to take in life.”

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