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Lillian Muli reveals what she told 10-year-old son about joining social media (exclusive)

Lillian Muli is a passionate woman, something that is seen in her career and personal life. Lillian is a very proud mother and goes to great lengths to ensure that her kids get the best parenting possible.

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This week, the Citizen TV presenter revealed her stance on what she thinks about parents over-exposing their kids on social media. Check out more of that story here;

Young kids might be exposed to predators! Lillian Muli about social media dangers (exclusive)

How has Lillian who is a mother of two, dealt with the issue of social media with her kids? She answered, “I have 2 kids, one is two and one is ten. My 10-year-old and I have had this conversation and he asked me whether he could be on social media?”

“I told him that he would get that opportunity when he turned 16 and I am going to follow him and be all up in his business when he does it.”

Would her stance on social media usage among children become a personal crusade for her?

“No, I wouldn’t. I can assure you that I have been approached by brands to have them endorse my child. Many people know that I have a baby. I have a shoe company that gives my baby shoes every other month. I will mention them occasionally on my social media.”

She added,

“I have been approached by diaper companies but my personal decisions dictate that I am not ready for that. I am not ready for my child to do that.”

Lillian however sees the other side of the argument, saying that the monetary benefits could be great but her issue was how to balance it.

“I know that there is a monetary argument that the money can go into the child’s school fees for future use which is fantastic. There should be a way that you can manage that. I have seen celebs put their kids on billboards which is a one-off and that is o.k. But when it comes to over-exposure I have a problem,” she said.

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She finished off by reiterating that predators are lurking out there and parents should be wary of that fact. “There are a lot of predators out there and once you open that pandora’s box, there is no turning back,” she concluded.

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