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Lillian Muli comes clean on whether she will be joining politics (exclusive)

Lillian Muli has been a darling among Kenyans from the time she became a star anchor on KTN in the mid-2000’s. The sultry-voiced and dark-skinned beauty was always the image of professionalism and class wowing people with her poise.

And since her debut, Lillian hasn’t looked back becoming one of the most influential of TV personalities who have amassed a huge and dedicated fanbase.

It seems that some of her fans and followers are intent on seeing her run for political office, as some recent comments on her social media page are suggesting.

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And Lillian has taken it in stride, hilariously going along with the suggestions, leaving many wondering whether she would actually run? Some stories that run on blogs even indicated that she was seriously thinking of running for office.

That is a question I asked her when I recently interviewed her. The mother of two explained that the notion that she was running was a falsehood that had been sadly spread in the media.

“First of all, I didn’t even speak about running for politics,” Lillian said. “I have never said that I wanted to. I don’t know where these things come from! I just saw somebody somewhere say so and I was tickled and thought it was funny. Politics isn’t my thing,” she added.

But she said that if she were to run for office, it would have t0 be much later in life.  “If ever I wanted to do it, it would be much later.”

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But why couldn’t she run at the moment, especially with the 2022 elections so close at hand?

“I have small children, I have businesses. I have a serious relationship. I am not ready to go that way. I am focusing on family, raising my kids, and my hustle. I don’t think that I would go in a direction that would demand my time away from my family,” she finished.

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