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Lillian Muli speaks on harsh criticism Otile Brown received from Babu Owino (exclusive)

Lillian Muli is one of the most fascinating interviewees I have ever had. The mother of two doesn’t fudge her words when she speaks and has a confidence of thought and purpose that is admirable and can be disarming.

I recently asked her about what she thought of the criticism Otile Brown received from Babu Owino over his “alleged” desire to vie for the Embakasi East Mp seat.

She defended Otile’s right to vie for political office saying, “This platform (politics) is open to everybody and at the end of the day to bash anybody who has interests in this isn’t right. If anybody feels like they have what it takes to run, they should.”

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She added how she deals with the criticism she receives from social media, revealing that she has a tough hide and isn’t easily bullied.

“I have thick skin. There is nothing that has been said about me that has ever stopped me from being who I am. I grew a tough skin. I am not even aware of what people say.”


“If I ever wanted to do something like that I would be ready. I would roll with the punches. Anybody who knows me… I grew up with boys. I don’t really consider it criticism or hate cause I have learnt to take people as they are. I have learnt to understand that people as they are. I have learnt to understand people as they are.”

Lillian then explained the motivations of the people who criticise her,

“Deep down inside most people aren’t bad. It’s just the social media space that makes people want to talk because they are hiding behind that computer screen but one on one they aren’t as bad as they seem. I take it with a pinch of salt, I don’t take it to heart. I have learnt to take people as they are. I have learnt to respect people’s opinions. Everything I put, I put a lot of effort into it and that’s why you will rarely find me deleting anything I have put out there.”

Finishing with, “Anything I put, I give it a lot of thought.”

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