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Dating a serial cheater-Lillian Muli reveals biggest regret as she speaks about dating

Celebrated media personality Lillian Muli has been quiet the past few months. She has been able to keep herself away from the constant media speculation as she has been leveraging her fame and popularity to endorse products.

But the bubbly Lillian is still one person who doesn’t mind engaging with her fans and recently did so on her social media page.

In a Q and A the mother of two was a picture of candid honesty as she addressed her fans head-on. The biggest questios that one of her fans asked was what was her biggest regret in life.

She said that it was falling in love with a serial cheat. And that wasn’t even the bombshell answer that shocked her fans, including myself.

Lillian Muli – I don’t have time for inauthentic, non-value adding relationships anymore

Lillian was asked whether she was dating, replying with a big NO!

Just last year, the mother of two had spoken about regrets in her life, saying that it was settling for less when she knew that she deserved better.

“The only regret I have in life is settling for less when I could have had so much more. Set your standards and stick to them unapologetically,” shared Lillian Muli.

In December of 2018, Lillian went on social media to castigate the baby daddy of her second-born son, Jared Nevaton. In a tragic break up post, Lillian revealed that Jared was a ‘narcissist’ and a ‘community husband’.

She disclosed that she decided to go public with the break up as she doesn’t want to be linked to Jared anymore.

However, in February 2019, the two rekindled their love but it seems that their relationship might be no more based on her answer about dating.

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