Lillian Muli Forced To Answer The Number Of Husbands She Has On Live Tv

Budalangi Member of parliament Rafael Wanjala is in the move to ensure that everybody who is in parliament gets medical cover for their other wives and children.


Rafael who calls himself a polygamist was invited for an interview on Citizen TV hosted by the media personality Lillian Muli.

The main aim was to discuss why the legislators are asking for more pay particularly for their additional families.


The member of parliament claims that the current MPs are poorly remunerated compared to those in the previous Houses.

Things got juicy when Lillian Muli asked the Mheshimiwa how many wives he has and twisted the question back to the interviewer putting Lillian in a tight spot because she had to answer how many husbands she has and she quickly responded that she has one husband.


Rafael refused to tell the public how many wives he has saying that he will only reveal them when they accept to cover their girlfriends and other children.


The answer that Lilian gave has left many wondering whether she got re-married after divorcing her husband Moses Njuguna Kanene in 2016.

She is a mother of one Joshua who was born in 2010. The couple married in September 2009 in a highly publicized wedding at the Windsor Golf and Country Club.


Check out the conversation:

Here are some reactions from viewers:

this man is talking reality no man can withstand with one woman😉😉
I asked my boss to pay for my other b****es he nearly killed me!
if u can feed them let every man marry more than one wife
Why should the taxpayer bear the burden of these men’s choices?! Aki nimechoka…

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