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Is there any value in listening to Lillian Muli’s passionate relationship advice?

Citizen TV anchor Lillian Muli can be described as an open book, a lady who wears her heart on her sleeve. The mother of two often uses her popular Instagram page to air her thoughts, feelings, and emotions on something that has touched her heart or mind.

That’s not all, the mother of 2 by two different men is well known for using her page to give young girls and ladies advice, especially in the area of relationships and personal growth.

Some of her most popular posts online have been about her infamous relationship with her second baby daddy, businessman Jared Nevaton the Shabana FC owner.

In her now-legendary post that she has since deleted, Lillian called out Jared for cheating and branded him a community husband.

…I feel I have always put everyone else before me – Lillian Muli admits to fans

The furious post was a reminder that Lillian doesn’t play around when it comes to her heart and will embarrass and call out anybody who tried to do so.

And Lillian still isn’t shy to talk about her past relationships as evidenced by the answers she gives fans when they ask her questions. This year, Lillian dropped another bombshell when she said her biggest regret was in dating a serial cheater.

Now comes my question? Does the advice Lillian dishes out to her female fans especially as far as relationships go have any value to them?

Yes, it does. And by a lot. While her relationships have ended up in failure that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t learnt enough to pass down to younger Kenyan girls.

The value in Lillian’s advice isn’t in necessarily getting her female fans great relationships but in them actually avoiding toxic, time-wasting ones.

Sometimes perfect is the enemy of good and Lillian’s past can show her fans that having a good peaceful relationship might be better than getting a “perfect” contentious relationship.

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