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Lillian Muli does a thorough 360 after saying she pursues men for relationships

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli said something in a recent interview that is anathema for most women to ever (even on the pain of death) to ever say, that she is the one who pursues the men in her relationships.

She revealed this information in a radio interview that men don’t hit on her and she is usually the one who goes after them. “Honestly, I can’t answer that because mimi huwa sikatiwi, mimi ndio the other way round,” responded Lillian Muli.

I was attracting the same abusive character in my relationships – Lillian Muli admits

Her answer was in response to a question about the worst pick-up line she had ever received. But it seems that that position might have changed in the space of a few days with the media personality doing a complete 360.

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The world will give you back the energy you give it. Are you constantly angry? Whining? Jealous? Insecure? Spiteful? Controlling? That's what will become your reality. Things won't work out and all that negativity will translate into actual chaos in your own life. Don't hurt people knowingly or intentionally because they may have the power to hurt you even deeper; and maybe you're not as strong as you think. Hurt people Hurt people. I haven't gotten to this realisation easily I had my moments which eventually made me hit the wall. Now I choose peace over chaos; I choose joy over sorrow; I choose Love over hate; I choose courage over fear. Life is for the Living! Be present and claim your reality. ❤❤❤

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In a post seen recently on her social media, the mother of two changed her tone, sarcastically telling men that they should continue waiting for her to chase them.

“Ati I chase men??? Lol wait for me to chase you. I’m here chasing my vision and these stories just crack me up!” she wrote.

Lillian has been in two well-known relationships in the past. The first was with ex-husband Moses Kanene. Their seven-year marriage yielded a child, Joshua. Her next much-publicised relationship was with Shabana boss Jared Nevaton.

This isn’t the first time that Lillian has gone back on comments that she has spoken/written in the past. Last year Lillian walked back comments she made about her second baby daddy whom she had called a community husband.

It seems that for Lillian, her truth is wholly dependant on her feelings at the time and not the facts on the ground.

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