Lillian Muli in studio

You use mattresses to make your breasts look bigger! Lillian Muli accused by fan

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli had for some time said that she would ignore the trolls and live a life focused on positivity, unlike in the past when she would go toe to toe with her haters.

But that is easier said than done for a woman who has risen to the top of her career using her grit, tenacity and smarts. So when she sees nonsense she rightfully (depending on who you ask) goes HAM on the offender, shredding them with no remorse.

Lillian Muli in studio

This week, the mother of 2 was attacked by a poster who said that she uses mattress to make her breast appear bigger.

In an online exchange seen by, the fan wrote, “Matress kwa kifua. Be natural.” But Lillian wrote back saying that she cannot change who she is, and that she was all-natural.

And she wasn’t done yet, she told the fan that they should look away if they felt uncomfortable, “All natural honey can’t change who I am but if my chest makes you uncomfortable look elsewhere.”

Lillian Muli in studio
Lillian Muli in studio

The exchange happened after Lillian had posted a photo of herself in the Citizen TV studios as she prepared to read the news, which she captioned with the words, “Tonight @mode_chateau styled me in soft nude tones. I Love the stud embellished collar and sleeves.”

I am seriously very disturbed – Lillian Muli says after female stalker continues harassment


While once speaking to Robert Burale in the past, the journalist admitted that she didn’t have a thick skin when asked how she deals with trolls.

“I do not have thick skin. I have learnt not to take things to heart and learnt not to look at the world as a negative place and that when people attack you, most of the time, they are probably going through their own struggles that is why they choose to be negative,” she added.

Lillian Muli pouting
Lillian Muli pouting

Muli also said that she is learning not to repeat the same mistakes that got her trolled in the first place. “I have made countless mistakes. I believe I will still make them but I am now careful not to repeat the same mistakes.”

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