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‘My bestfriend’ Lilian Muli describes baby daddy Jared in hearty post(photo)

Lillian Muli will always be a captivating study in character. The veteran Citizen TV news host has been on our T.V screens for a minute now and has always brought professionalism and candour to her field.

That is how we initially got to know her, through her career. But what drew more people to her was when she opened up her personal life using her Instagram page.

Lillian Muli interviewing Babu Owino
Lillian Muli interviewing Babu Owino

On her page, Lillian shows herself in an unvarnished way and shows how real she is. yesterday, she went further sharing an image of the man in her life and the baby daddy, Jared Nevaton.

The beauty shared a photo of herself walking besides Jared while clad in a cute purple gown.  The caption to her post read,

TATA. My Bestfriend. Through all the seasons.

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton in the photo that she shared

Many of her followers were thrilled that the two are back together. Most of her fans were really jazzed that she was showing off her man while he was still alive, unlike the recently seen spectre where a man dies then-unknown wives(baby mamas) come out of the woodwork. For those of you who aren’t aware, Jared Nevaton is the Shabana FC boss.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton in the past

While her message is welcome, this year has seen an evolution of their relationship. Late last year, Lillian had a famous meltdown where she tore down her baby daddy in a post she later took down.

Lillian Muli admits she’s still with tycoon Jared Nevaton after sharing photo of black rose

She wrote at the time that he was a ‘community husband’ in a rant on social media after a sour period in their relationship. This year a mending of fences has been observed with the two been seen together at their son’s posh birthday party.

Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam
Jared Nevaton with his son, Liam

This is her second serious relationship after her first marriage to Moses Njuguna Kanene broke down after seven years. Although shortlived their marriage produced a son called Joshua.

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