Lilian Muli with Jared Nevaton

‘Keep your relationships off social media’ Akothee advice’s Lilian Muli

Akothee has come out to comment on Lilian Muli’s  bitter break up and offered her  a word of advice to those with her (Muli’s) behavior.

She  advised her fellow celebrities to keep their relationships off social media,given that there is no privacy and people make your life their business.

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She wrote

“The problem with posting your love life on social media is that when you want to break up, apart from you thinking of how painful it will be you are also thinking of what fans will say and they demand clarification. I will never post a man I am dating again on social media just for safety.”

This came only days after Lilian Muli wrote a long post disassociating herself from her  baby daddy Jared Nevaton who is Chairman of Shabana FC.
The two had managed to keep their relationship under wraps and only publicized it during Lilian’s 35th birthday party  at the beginning of the year.

Below are photos of the couple during happier times despite what has transpired now.


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