Lillian Muli

Lilian Muli shows off her ex husband Kanene

Marriage is the union of two imperfect people in their selfishness who once they enter this covenant, must set aside some  things including friends, forego some activities and most importantly hold fast to forgiveness.

Well, though many sail through this stage, there are a few who part ways along the way due to various reasons but that doesn’t mean that you should become enemies who stop talking to each other.

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli, who always leads by example, is never afraid of showering her baby daddy, ex-husband Moses Kanene Njuguna with praises. For those who don’t know, the sexy TV siren and her ex-husband tied the knot on 6th, September 2009 in a glitzy wedding ceremony that saw top public figures in attendance.

They were the couple of the year and left many green with envy, but sadly their union didn’t last long. They separated and moved on with life but that has not deterred them from being good friends and parents to their son. They are co-parenting.

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Recently, she surprised many after she wished Mr Kanene a happy fathers day accompanied by a sweet message which read;


Lillian Muli has once again set tongues on fire after she shared a photo from their wedding album reminiscing the good memories they shared together.

“Flashback with my baby’s father we were so wide-eyed and ready to take on the world…beautiful memories…the hair though lol I can’t,” she captioned accompanied by the photo below

Lillian Muli

Followers of the adorable mother of one are mesmerised and are begging Lillian Muli and Kanene to reconcile and get back together.

Check out the comments;

Biget: Beautiful.You sure miss him.

Tasha: My inspiration Lillian every time I see you Lillian Muli

Mercie: You were so beautiful together Lil❤
liliankays5050Actually is memories, Loving someone and he’s looking somewhere!

Essi: Wow you guys were looking awesome together, love was lingering in the air. But the shoe wearer is the one who knows where it pinches the most, so sitakwambia murudiane.

Frank: Lillian Muli I like the fact that you still have kept pictures for memories u never know, maybe one-day things may work again. People learn and forgive each other.

Parlon: Yaaaay get back together you two Lillian Muli

Anita: You two looked good together. …. rudianeni mpenzi tu 😍😍😍

Amara: Lol your smile though still the same
wajiiwajiicacheYou people will one day be together.mark my words

Dogo: Zilipendwa

It seems Lillian was happy back then and who knows, she might be ready to rekindle her love with Kanene.

Monica: remember seeing u 2 at the Intercontinental hotel some days before your wedding in 2009!! Never said hi tho, was so naive…nice memories Lily

Lillian Muli: @Monica2oh really? Wow those were the days

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