Lilian Muli Shares This Suggestive Photo While COZYING Up With Her ‘Bae’ Then Later DELETES It

Lilian Muli has over the last couple of months been posting a lot on social media unlike a few years back when her accounts were on private, which made it hard for her fans to know what she’s up to.

Of late, the stunning Citizen TV news anchor has been opening up alot more about her work and personal life, but she still keeps her private and love life off the public radar, because she knows that she’s in the limelight.

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Last year, Lilian Muli revealed that she had divorced her husband, a wealthy businessman by the name, Moses Njuguna Kanene after 7 years of marriage.


According to the elegant media personality, her ex-husband was physically abusing her, describing him as having “unpredictable mood swings, an ungovernable temper and was violent in nature.”

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Lilian and Kanene were blessed with one child, a son by the name Joshua, who is now 6-years-old.

Reports now indicate that Muli is currently dating Nairobi businessman and Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevato and the two have been keeping their romance under wraps until a few weeks back when he attended her 35th birthday party, making it official.

But now, Lilian Muli has gone ahead to reveal another ‘bae’ in a photo where the two sit together suggestively.


The beauty posted a photo with her workmate Patrick Igunza, and in the photo she is leaning in towards him, and her leg draped on top of his thigh. She captions the photo with a compliment to Patrick;

When your colleagues dress really well hanging out with this office Bae of mine Patrick Igunza napenda Waluhya lol

Interestingly, Lilian Muli, later on, pulled down the photo, perhaps because of the comments from fans and followers, or maybe it would bring issues because of using the word ‘bae’, which basically means lover.

Check out one of the photos below, as she cozies up with her ‘office bae’.





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