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I wasted 6 years loving the wrong man – Lilian Muli admits

Lilian Muli has been revealing a lot about herself this time of the quarantine. This is due to the amount of self-reflection she’s done, something she admitted on her Instagram page.

The mother of two dropped a bombshell on her fans and followers when she admitted that cohabiting with a baby daddy isn’t easy. According to Lillian, she made the decision to move in with the man for the sake of their child.

Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lillian Muli with Jared Nevaton at their son’s birthday party

The Citizen TV anchor was responding to her fans comments on her Instagram stories where she had asked her fans to share their regrets in life.

When one of the fans said she regretted cohabiting with her baby daddy, Muli was quick to respond to her saying she had also gone through the same adding it was not easy. “This one is very complicated because a child is involved. I have done it too and it is not easy,” responded the anchor.

That wasn’t all that Lillian was ready to disclose. The chocolate-complexioned TV presenter revealed that she had wasted 6 years loving the wrong person. “Lol. You and me both hone! Mine six wasted years. You will love again,” she said.

Lillian Muli and Jared Nevaton

This was in response to a fan who had said that they had wasted two years loving the wrong person. Lillian has been in a two well-known relationships in the past.

The first was with her ex-husband Moses Njuguna Kanene with their seven year marriage producing a son, Joshua.

Her next much publicised relationship was with Shabana boss Jared Nevaton. The two were blessed with a baby boy called Liam. The couple have not announced whether they have ever solemnised their union.

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