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Like Mother like daughter: Tedd Josiah’s daughter is a spitting image of her late mum

Celebrated music producer Tedd Josiah took to social media yesterday to celebrate the birthday of his late wife Reginah Katar, who passed on in 2017.

Tedd Josiah had in a past interview revealed that doctors told him his wife died of low platelet count. Reginah’s blood platelet count fell below normal after childbirth.

Celebrating his late wife’s birthday he wrote.

More than a woman, more than a Queen, more than a friend, more than….. a beautiful, loving caring mother with the soul of an angel 👼🏼 and voice of an angel 👼🏼

One day your baby girl will watch these and know you love 💕 her and loved her 💖 and cared for her to your last breathe.

Reginah Katar with her daughter Jay
As we celebrate 🎉 your birthday 🎁 may God rest your soul and give you all the joy you gave others when you were here on earth.
Watch over #HRH Her Royal Highness #Empress #GummyBear 👑🐻🐾🐾🐾 as she grows and bring the right people into her life to guide her through…..
Happy birthday 🥳 and Rest Great Queen 👑 Rest In Peace 
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

The late Reginah Katar

In a past post Tedd has taken to social media to share a captivating post on how love surpasses everything.

Nothing will set your heart free more than REAL UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 💕 
I see a lot of people in love with money, fame, statuses & beauty of people and not the inner person.

Love that cannot be put to the test by lack of, love that only exists through the good times and wealth….. love that exists only cause of “beauty”….
Am actually so grateful that i had a love that was unconditional, real, imperfect, hard, but always there & that we captured the silly, the fun, the happy, the sad and the “just filming you cause i love you” moments.

What are you doing for the one you love?
How are you treasuring them now?
What memories are you making?
When they are gone all you will have is a few special moments to treasure so go out and make EVERY MOMENT COUNT.
Love is a beautiful thing
Check out the whole episode of Moments on our YouTube channel 
#RaisingJay #TheManMom

One thing we have noted though is that Jay is growing up to be a replica of her late mum and the photos below prove it

Reginah Katar


Tedd Josiah
Tedd Josiah


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