Single Mother Getting Kids Ready in the Morning.

‘It’s like buying land without a title deed’ Men on dating single mum’s of boys


Men avoid single mum’s raising boys, according to confessions made on Classic 105 Tuesday February 18.

The reasons range from not wanting the boy to inherit property, to him going to look for his biological parent later in life, to mwanaume proper hawezi excuses.

Maina’s morning conversation was on why a majority of men don’t like dating and marrying singe mums of boys, and the responses were swift.

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‘Why would I raise another mans son only for him to go look for his real father later in life?’ was one reason a man gave for avoiding single mum’s of boys.

Another said ‘dating mums of boys is like ‘buying land without a title deed, adding’ who does that?’


Another added ‘Do you know he can even kill you when you argue with his mother?’ 

Maina how would you feel driving and maintaining a car you can’t drive? Another wrote on Twitter.

Maina wanted to know where this insecurity is coming from.

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A man said ‘its genetically wired in all male species, look at Lions for instance it’s just insecurity.’

Another man also called in with an analogy that ‘Who ever said that water in a toilet cant cook tea? We grew up knowing that and the same way we have learnt that if you marry a single mum of boys is trouble.’


Dear single mums, how does it make you feel to hear this asked Maina.

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