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LIFT HIM UP! The God Father Of Praise And Worship, Ron Kenoly Headed To Kenya This Month

This will be Big Kev’s big project after coming from a major brain surgery. Big Kev is in recovery after his 13th brain surgery.

The events afficionado who is the CEO Of TruBlaq opened up about wearing adult diapers after his brain surgery.

In a very candid and raw post, Big Kev took his fans through the grueling his struggle to heal and take control of his body.

I was wheeled out of Nairobi Hospital on a stretcher on the 5th of October, my left side was completely paralyzed I had been put on a catheter and diapers so that I could travel. My nightmare started when I soiled myself and had to be changed by male nurses in Dubai. On arrival in India I was admitted to the ward and because I arrived in diapers I had to stay in diapers, there were times when I had to steam in my own broth, while waiting to be changed this went on for a few days as we waited to be taken to theatre, during this few days I hit the lowest that I have ever been in my life because I couldn’t help my self, I even came up with a nickname in my mother tongue to cope, which simply meant “the one who cannot help himself”.”

There was a silver lining for Big Kev, he wrote,A couple of hard days with the physio therapist and we achieved this hard goal of seating on the bed which was a great victory as I was now able to be transferred from the bed to the wheelchair then to the bathroom which meant I had bypassed the bedpan challenge LOL after all this the toilet seats in India were to small …
Tomorrow’ RETURN to Kenya.”

Now, he will be organizing a gospel concert next month featuring the godfather of praise and worship music, Ron Kenoly.

Big Kev made the announcement.

“This December at the heart of Nairobi.. we bring you Ron Kenoly. 17th December. As the year comes to an end, what better way than to give back the Glory and Honor to Him who has sustained us.”


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