Who is sensational Jamaican artist Dexta Daps

Dexta is known for his versatility, unique voice, style, and captivating performances.

Louis Anthony Grandison who goes by Dexta Daps, is a Jamaican dancehall and reggae performer. 

He was born on January 12, 1986 and grew up in Seaview Gardens, a neighborhood in Kingston, Jamaica, which also produced other dancehall artists like Bounty Killer and Elephant Man.

Dexta has just hinted on visiting Kenya for his music tour in Africa.

His career began in 2012 with the release of his first two singles: “Save Me Jah” and “May You Be”

Since then, he has gained public recognition with hits like “Morning Love” and “Jealous Ova,” the latter featuring another upcoming dancehall artist, Tifa. 

Dexta is known for his versatility, unique voice, style, and captivating performances

Mostly known for his explicit and sensual lyrics of which his songs often explore themes of love, desire, and intimacy.

Tracks like “Morning Love” and “Jealous Ova” showcase this aspect of his style.

His debut album, Intro, released in 2017, solidified his persona as a dancehall sex-symbol. 

Notably, the album featured a short erotic film on YouTube that garnered over 9.4 million views before being age-restricted by the platform

In 2020, he released an album titled Vent  which received praise from fellow artists like Bounty Killer and Masicka

Dexta has collaborated with various international artists, further establishing his presence on the global music scene.

Dexta teamed up with Masicka on the track “March On,” featured in the ‘G.O.K’ album.

He played a significant role in the chart-topping single “Slow Motion” alongside fellow community artist, dancehall legend Bounty Killer and Cham.

The trio also shared the stage during the Trilogy tour.

Internationally he has done collaborations with Davido, Mia, Keisza, and Tory Lanez.

In addition, leads the nominations for the second annual Caribbean Music Awards witheight nods which include Performer of the Year (Dancehall), Song Of The Year, and the People’s Choice Award.

He also tops a diverse list of over 150 nominees across more than 40 categories.

However, Dexta Daps has faced various controversies related to his performances, interactions with fans, and personal life.