KNBS: Kenyan men spend more time on self care than women

This translates to about 11.83 hours daily to ensure they look well-groomed.

Man doing self-care
Image: Lumin on Unsplash

According to a survey, Kenyan men devote more time to self-care and maintenance than do their female counterparts.

Men spend an average of 710 minutes a day on self care, according to the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics report from 2023.

This equates to around 11.83 hours each day spent on maintaining their appearance.

The average time spent grooming and caring for oneself by women is only 704.6 minutes.

This equals 11.73 hours each day.

“Time spent on culture, leisure, mass media and sports practices activities was higher for men compared to women,” the report read.

At the national level, men spend more time (158.1 minutes) than women (118.8 minutes) engaging in cultural, leisure, media, and sports activities.

Men spent more time each day on unproductive activities in urban areas, where it was 67 minutes, as opposed to 57 minutes in rural areas.

The survey found that women in rural areas spend 282 minutes daily on unproductive activities as opposed to 272 minutes for women in metropolitan areas.

Men spent 103.2 minutes on socialising and communication, community involvement, and religious activity compared to women's 90.3 minutes.

“Generally, the amount of time spent by men on non-System of National Accounts (SNA) productive activities was higher compared to women across all counties and the reverse applies for time spent on non-SNA productive activities,” the KNBS report read in part.