How to stand out at this week's All-White Party

The party will be featuring some of the city's most electric DJs, each event promising a unique mix of genres, ensuring a night full of energy and rhythm.

All-White Party
Image: Radio Africa Events

Ah, the allure of an all-white party – where fashion meets elegance, and every guest becomes a canvas for creativity.

Before I even go on, Radio Africa Events is hosting an all-white party on the 22nd of September and it is a total don't miss! Unless you want to die of FOMO.

Set against the dynamic backdrops of venues like the Nairobi Street Kitchen and the city’s spirited skating arenas, this bi-monthly event is poised to reshape Nairobi's nightlife.

The party will be featuring some of the city's most electric DJs, each event promising a unique mix of genres, ensuring a night full of energy and rhythm.

Dressing for an all-white affair requires finesse, flair, and a touch of Kenyan pizzazz because in this guide we will be ditching the usual and I'll be walking you on how to turn heads and make a statement while keeping it cool and uniquely Kenyan.

Start with the basics

Ladies and gentlemen, the foundation of your all-white ensemble is, well, white! Opt for well-fitted white clothing as your canvas. Crisp white linen shirts, elegant dresses, and sharp trousers or nice shorts are your best friends. Remember, the fit is everything embrace your silhouette.

The Kenyan touch

Ladies, consider adorning yourself with a vibrant tribal bead necklace or bracelet to infuse local culture into your outfit. Just because it said all white doesn't mean you should be dull or do the usual silver and gold. Gents, ditch the generic Gucci and River Road LV belts a Masai-inspired belt is the vibe! Add a chunky beaded bangle for that unique flair.

For a dash of exuberance, consider accessorizing with colorful African print, like a boldly patterned head wrap or clutch. Gents, you can sport a white shirt with African print cuffs or a pocket square for that elegant twist.

The classy footwear:

Ladies, black heels or strapped sandals are a classic choice to elongate your legs depending on how you choose to accessorize your look. Gents, white loafers or even traditional Kenyan sandals like 'akala' can elevate your look. Pro tip: Ensure they're comfortable for dancing the night away!

All-White Party
Image: Radio Africa Events

Shades and hats

Whether it's a day or night event these two still work. Choose oversized white or brown frames to add a glamorous touch (everyone will be doing black as somehow someone lied those are the only two colors that go together) Ladies, a white sunhat can complete your ensemble beautifully, while gents can opt for a stylish white fedora or trilby.

The Kenyan essence:

For a playful and Kenyan twist, consider draping a colorful kikoy scarf around your shoulders or as a belt. It's a delightful nod to our vibrant culture amidst the sea of white. Better yet you can have the small scarfs to tie on top of your head or around your neck rather than drowning in fake designer drip.

The Final flourish

As you prepare to make your grand entrance, remember that confidence is the ultimate accessory. Flash your most radiant smile, exude charm, and be ready to dance the night away with fellow party-goers. After all, what's an all-white party without a little fun?

Complete your look your favorite scent. Whether it's a touch of local lavender oil or a spritz of let your fragrance speak for you!

Now that you're armed with these fashion-forward tips and a dash of Kenyan creativity, you're ready to conquer the all-white party scene in style. Embrace the elegance, celebrate the culture, and dance your way through the night.

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