Netizens torn as lady shoots content at "hubby's" funeral (video)

Many wondered whether she was actually the wife or someone close to the deceased?

Shocked monkey.
Image: Jamie Haughton for Unsplash

More people are doing things to trend and go viral as social media becomes more common and pervasive.

A recent instance of this occurred on TikTok when a user going by the name @smomondiagoldi uploaded a video of herself on the well-known Chinese app looking stylish and glam on her 'hubby's' funeral.

Watch the video below;

Nearly 800k people have watched the viral video, and many are questioning whether she is indeed the departed person's husband given how she behaved during the solemn event.

However, another video that shows a shattered woman being led to a car and has the remark "Maybe this will help explain the situation better" has surfaced.

"My sister, I'm sorry. The pain of losing a husband", which might point at the atual widow and not the lady posing for the cameras.

That indicated that @smomondiagoldi might actually be the sister-in-law, a relative, or an acquaintance, to put it in perspective. 

"May our brother-in-law rest in peace I'm very sorry my Queen," the post read.

Watch the other video below;

Many netizens debated why @smomondiagoldi was shooting content at such a sad event. Some of the comments are below;

@fundienomabhuca66 Didn't even finish watching the video I went straight to the comment section I Know you guys never disappoint.

@thandiswam7 How do people remember to take photos when grieving even posing? Me I be not even knowing where my phone is. 

@motherofaprincess17 If it can happen for my husband to go before me, I don't think le energy of posing for the camera or to even bath l will have.

A social media star from Miami experienced outrage in October 2021 after photos of her posing in front of her father's casket at his funeral went viral online.Jayne Rivera, 20, defended herself by stating that while she understood the criticism, the images were taken with "the best intention."

The pictures were shared on Rivera’s social media account where she is posing next to her father’s casket.

“Butterfly fly away. Rip Papi, you were my best friend. A life well-lived,” read the caption of Rivera’s post.