Why do some women lie about their age

There are some women who despite their advanced age still look very young

A trio of women
Image: trevoykellyphotography

For years now there have been cases circulating on the internet about Kenyan female 'celebrities' who despite being famous, have never revealed their real ages.

Some of the brave ones who reveal their ages are accused of lying with many saying that they had reduced their ages considerably.

Netizens have been witnessing the birthday celebrations of these famous women and were amazed at their young age despite them seemingly being older.

In addition, there are some of these women who, despite their advanced age, still have the looks of a young woman, thus giving them the freedom to lie or reduce their age.

I'm sure you've asked a woman you know well her age and felt that she was telling you an age that you felt was a lie.

Or if you, the reader, are a woman, you may have had a time when you lied about your real age.

However, the big question is, even if women revealed their real age, would men believe them?

This interested me and I decided to talk to some women to be able to understand their feelings about women liking to lie about their age.

One of these women who did not want her name to be revealed said that it is true that many women reduce their actual age for many reasons.

"According to me, I know that many women reduce their age despite the fact that I have not reduced or increased it.

The main reason is that many do not want to look old because society considers the age of 22 or 23 to be the best age according to society."

This woman added that another reason to reduce or increase the age is to be able to find employment opportunities.

"Some increase their age so that they can get employment opportunities, let's say if the job requires a certain age level, so a woman or all people, in general, will have to tell a lie, also many women who are older lower the age if they want to be in a romantic relationship with a man.”

Another who is known as Ashley seemed to deny the allegations and said that not many women lie about their age.

"I feel that not many women lie about their age, I feel that this is a claim that has no evidence despite the fact that there are one or two cases in which women lie."

Give us your opinion regarding this, have you witnessed a case of a woman lying about her age? Have you ever lied about your age?