Eldoret University students sent home over 'poor' dressing

University says students found cross-dressing risk facing disciplinary action.

A man wearing ripped jeans
Image: Nathan Dumlao for Unsplash.

Eldoret University students have been sent back for poor dress code.  Most students who showed up to their respective lecture halls were shown the door for not following the new policy. 

A student who talked to Citizen TV said he was turned away yet he has no money to buy new clothes. 

"Nimerudishwa kwa sababu ya mavazi, na kwa sasa hivi sina pesa za kununua nguo nyingine," he said 

(I have been turned back due to my dressing, and for now, I don't have money to buy new ones) 

However, another student supported the dress new policy saying most female students dressed poorly for their lectures. 

"Unapata dem amevaa mini skirt, katumbo cut na amekuja class, io sio poa," he said 

Through an internal memo dated January 19, the university announced that students who will be found cross-dressing risk facing disciplinary action. 

From the memo, female students wearing mini-skirts, skin-tight trousers, micro shorts and transparent dresses, attires showing bra straps or sleeveless t-shirts, ripped jeans, 'tumbo-cut' blouses and low-cut blouses and dresses will face disciplinary action.

Male students are prohibited from sagging trousers, wearing clothes that reveal their chest and ragged/ripped jeans.

"All students are therefore advised to, at all times, desist from inappropriate dressing while at the university as this may warrant disciplinary action,” the dean said.