Check out reasons people gave on why they cut out people out of their life

It reaches a point in life where we have to get rid of some people for various reasons especially if they are derailing us.

More often than not, we have friends, relatives and even spouses who are more of barriers than support systems. Some people took their time to open up on why they had to cut out certain people in their life.


‘I love BIG things, let me have it all’ Huddah Monroe shouts

While some were genuine some were just a mixture of sarcasm and pettiness but valid all the same. Here are some of the reasons they gave;

krineyeBecause he was dating some other girl for about 6yrs also slept with my friend

jaydarlos_makeoverShe’s a selfish friend. She ask all the time n won’t give anytime. She respects our friendship only cause she’s gaining from me, worst still she gossips like mad, she gossip all her friends to all her friends 😕

9jasuperwomanHe borrowed money from me and has refused to pay.

mhiz_nifaShe never has anything good to say about anyone. Too much negativity,made me wonder how she paints me to other people too.

sisi_vickI introduced her to a friend n she exchanged numbers with him n was even begging him from him without me knowing 🤥🤥🤥

isypoppins…it got too hard trying to bloody figure what her problem with me was

My man lied he worked for Safaricom only to be arrested for illegal deals

questworldboutiqueBecause she gives me a headache

stephanie.chinezeBecause he lost interest in our friendship, more like he had been managing being friends with me throughout uni probably because we had to read together, help each other out in school tasks and stress. So it’s like after graduating there’s no benefit again and then he’s feeling proud, getting angry, giving attitude,being really insultive, acting childish, hardly chats or calls unlike before etc.. Not a bf though, but a friend throughout uni, we were three (3)..we had an argument and he overreacted and since then (5 months) we stopped talking, lately I decided to just cut off, blocked him on whatsap.. Deleted his number..

bertha_bestBecause his not communicative, his bored, stingy and claims his not after sex

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