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‘Why lie to my dad yet you have already killed me’ Beryl Ouma’s last words

It has been weeks since Beryl Ouma a clinical officer was allegedly killed by her husband Lyko Junior at their Kahawa Sukari home during a domestic squabble.

The couple who wedded in 2017 had been living together since Lyko returned from Qatar where he had been working as a taxi driver.

In a past interview Beryl’s father Douglas Ouma had said that the last messages his daughter sent were at very odd hours of the night and after calling back she never picked up.

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Douglas said his daughter sent him three messages asking him to call her back at around 4 am, but when he called back after some time, the calls went unanswered.

“I didn’t see the texts immediately, but when I called back, she did not pick. A few minutes later, her husband called to say they had an altercation,” Ouma said.

Beryl and her hubby

It has now emerged that before her death Beryl was able to speak to her dad though not one on one.

“When I finally managed to reach her husband after calling Beryl several times in vain, I heard my daughter saying in the background, ‘Why are you lying to my father when you have already killed me,”

When he heard my daughter complaining, he hung up the phone on me and never picked subsequent calls I made to his phone,” recounts Douglas

Beryl and her husband lyko junior osuri

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