LGBT just like any relationship should it be legalized?

LGBT is just like any other kind of relationships. However many people tend to disapprove it with biblical evidence. This is one of the reasons why it is illegal in many African countries.


Tokeo la picha la lgbt

Different people however have different opinions on that issue. Here are some of the reasons why some of the opinions tend to support that kind of relationship;

Humans are equal

Every human being is equal hence deserve the same opportunities. No matter the gender, age, tribe people should be given equal priorities. Someone should not be denied their rights because they not doing the same thing just as everyone. People should be given equal treatment without judgments.

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LGBT are human

The LGBT community are human beings just like any other person. They should be given a chance to live the kind of lives they want to and make their own decisions. They should be given that freedom of living like other people.

They can have families

People will never have equal emotions and feelings. This kind of families tend to be more advantageous. One of the advantages is that it will solve the issue of homeless children. This is because many kids will be adopted in cases of gay marriages. It gives the homeless children or orphans a chance to live in comfortable homes and get the parental love they need.

Tokeo la picha la lgbt families

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Peoples emotions should be respected

Every person has different kind of emotions and feeling. If someone is contented with the way they are living, they should be allowed to live their lives the way they want to.

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It is something normal

As it maybe considered an abomination it is a normal and can happen to anyone. At times people are too quick to judge these people without trying to find out the reason behind the decisions they make.

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