‘Let thy soul shine’ Last post of ex CNN journalist Soni Methu

Faith Methu, the younger sister of ex-CNN presenter, Soni Methu, has recounted the journalist’s painful last moments before she died Thursday evening.

Soni Methu passed away at 6:30pm in Diani, Kwale County. Speaking  during an interview with E-Daily she says

She [Soni] was well until 6pm, when she cried as if she was in [deep] pain. She, thereafter, clutched her stomach before collapsing.

Soni then began looking like she had seizure. My sister-in-law rushed her to hospital. However, she died on the way [to hospital].

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Her last post was captioned

Let thy soul shine

She had also recently shared a post announcing her comeback and going by a response by her follower it is obvious she had been missed.

I’m back!
I had a great time shooting in Susuwa and in Tsavo

The friend wrote back and said

Welcome back, I missed you and I was deeply worried of your whereabouts. I am glad you had a great time in the Susawa Caves and the man eaters of Tsavo did you no harm to you.

Below are photos of the 35 year old


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May she rest in peace.

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