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‘Let me remind you, I’m King Pozze’ Willy Paul responds to Bahati’s shade

It seems like the Bahati and Willy Paul beef is back. Willy Paul has now responded to Bahati, who said he wrote music for him. Bahati made the remarks after he shared a throwback picture of him attending Groove Awards with Pozze back in the day.

He wrote,

“The days I used to write songs for this small boy. I’ve missed our childish days bro #WillisRadido,” Bahati said.

Responding to the remarks, Willy Paul took to Instagram, where he shared a video of himself driving.

He captioned the video, “So, I’m told Bahati mtoto wa Diana said amekua akiniandikia nyimbo. Never. What should I tell him? Anyway, that’s me driving with my legs just to pass a little message to that boy,” he said.

The post was later deleted. The two artistes have been subjected to backlash in the past few years, after they openly drifted away from the gospel industry by releasing controversial music.

In another viral video, Pozze claimed Bahati’s vocals are failing. He further told Diana Marua to help her hubby sing instead of just spending his cash.

“Bwana Diana utatuonyesha mambo kweli. Si uache hata Diana aimbe. Diana saidia Bwana yako we unataka ulishwe ulishwe Bwana anapoteza vocals we uko hapo unakula tu. Saidia Bwana,” he said.

In another post, Pozze threw more shade

“My brother Bahati naskia ulikua uniandikia songs….. mimi? Uko sure ni mimi?? Ooh lord, give mtoto wa Diana his memory back!! He’s mistaking me for Weezdom.. let me remind you Baba:.. naitwa KING POZZE. Much love… pitia home kesho kuna maji moto Na ndimu atleast itakuhelp… guys what should i do to this small boy??”

I used to write songs for this small boy – Bahati disses Willy Paul

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