Kambua with Jackson Mathu

Lessons we can learn from Kambua’s successful marriage

Kambua Manundu gave birth in the latter part of 2019. The gospel singer has been married to husband Jackson Mathu since 2012.

In those 7 years, the two have had to endure questions about why they were still childless. Now no more; after Kambua’s triumphant boy Nate was born.

Kambua pregnant
The singer when she was pregnant

What simple lessons can we learn from their marriage?

God must be the bedrock of a successful marriage

Kambua and her pastor husband have always maintained their trust in God despite the relentless speculation about why they were childless for so many years.

Jackson Mathu preaching
Jackson Mathu preaching

Kambua proved this with her constant posts on her social media page encouraging childless women and speaking of a God who was always present and listens.

Till death do us part

In most African cultures, many men would leave their wives, or get second wives if they did not bare them a child within the first few years of marriage. (The caveat is that the man must believe he has no issues with his own fertility!)

But Jackson clearly isn’t that type of man as he stood by/with Kambua for all these years with nary a scandal or complaint from him about his wife.

Kambua with her husband
Kambua with her husband

Like Rachel, Jacob’s husband in the Bible stories, who was childless for many years before the Lord opened her womb; Mathu has seen the goodness of his God.

The two have been a united front all these years, best friends if you please

The Bible speaks about a man and his wife becoming one after matrimony. This couple is a perfect example of that. Jackson and Kambua are best of friends.

Their relationship is a testament that a successful marriage can stay together(even without kids) as long as the couple are friends who love each other.

Kambua on her wedding day
Kambua on her wedding day


In this day and age when people share every facet of their lives for the world to see on social media, this couple has resisted this. This has proved to be a stroke of genius as it has been very hard to hear about a scandal involving them.

Older men and younger women can make an awesome pairing

The couple has a nearly 10 year age difference, something that people have attacked the singer for; even calling Jackson an ancestor. Could their age difference be a reason the two are still together?

Kambua with her husband, Jackson Mathu
Kambua with her husband, Jackson Mathu

I think it could be, as men get older they mature(not all!) and get wiser handling the affairs in their lives. Jackson is, in essence, the rock to his wife, a stoic that can navigate his marriage victoriously.

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