Nameless with Wahu

‘I left for three days’, Nameless reveals he had separated from his wife Wahu

Nameless and his wife Wahu concurrently released two songs ‘This Love Ya Wahu’ and ‘This Love Ya Nameless’.

Well, yesterday, the power couple were interviewed by Massawe Japanni  where they shared details about their successful marriage.
Nameless said that while they got married, it was not easy at one time he moved out of their house to take a break.

The couple have been together for 21 years since they started dating.
‘We took time to understand each other.

We were fighting more that normal, you reduce that beginning love. It brings a lot of confusion
When we were dating we’d break up and after three days we’d call each other.

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Wahu Kagwi and Nameless together
Wahu added that ‘he used to tell me we take time apart but call each other and I was like whats time apart.
When asked if they have separated at any point in marriage, Nameless said;

“Tumefanya separation but we wouldn’t call it ‘to separate officially’ I’ve moved out for a short while….like three days.
Fighting a lot and there were issues so you don’t know how to deal with that, so you take a break, yeah,
But it’s short then after two days, three days you are back in and stuff like that, so when I say move out, we are just taking a break
For me naezasema we’ve had those struggles of trying to understand what’s happening but later on you begin to understand its just changes from that exciting love to a different kind of love but you still maintain that respect, that romantic love but it changes.

Wahu added;
“You have to realize you have to be responsible for your happiness, We are human and we will let each other down”

Wahu and Nameless hugging

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