Our time is over, support Gen Z - Sonko to senior leaders

He said many learned young people can take up leadership roles in government while the senior leaders can provide mentorship and nurture them.

Mike Sonko
Image: Instagram

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has called on senior politicians to support the Gen Z movement.

In a video obtained by the Star, Sonko stated that the era of older politicians has ended.

"Our time for politics is over, let us support the young generation," Sonko said.

He highlighted examples from other African countries where younger leaders are in power and urged Kenyan politicians to follow suit.

Sonko mentioned that many educated young people are capable of taking on leadership roles in government, with senior leaders providing mentorship and guidance.

He praised the Gen Z movement for making the country proud by opposing the 'punitive' Finance Bill, 2024.

Sonko also condemned the actions that led to the deaths of young protesters, calling it very wrong, and urged President Ruto to take action against officers responsible for shooting at protesters.

Kenya’s Gen Z made international headlines by standing up against government policies they found unfavorable.

Despite Parliament’s decision to remove contentious clauses from the Bill, the youthful group insisted that the entire legislation be scrapped.

MPs defied the protesters and passed the Bill on Tuesday, June 25, leading to protests and a trail of destruction in Parliament.

Some protesters were shot dead during the demonstrations.

The next day, President William Ruto withdrew the Bill and established a National Multi-Sectoral Forum to engage with the youth on the issues they raised.