Lady sells younger brother for Ksh 34k

She allegedly sold the 3 year old boy for her wedding costs

Crime Scene.

A 24-year-old woman has admitted to selling her three-year-old brother (name withheld) at a cost of 410,000 naira] equivalent to Ksh 34k] to get money for her traditional wedding and other needs.

The woman is a resident of Mubi in Adamawa State in Nigeria, while her brother lives with their mother far from where she lives.

It is said that the suspect deceived the mother before taking the child under the false pretense of enrolling him in a school in Mubi, about 40 kilometers from Rimirgo where he lived with his mother.

After several weeks, their mother became worried as all her attempts to talk to her son over the phone were cleverly blocked by her daughter.

The mother decided to explain the situation to the police, which led to the arrest of the suspect.

Narrating the incident, the girl said she sold the boy for 410,000 naira to a willing buyer, who transported the victim to Enugu town in the south eastern state of Enugu.

"I used the proceeds of the crime to buy a grinding machine to start a business and I also gave my girlfriend ₦200,000 to buy things needed for our traditional wedding," the suspect confessed before the police according to local media.

On her part, the mother expressed disappointment, wondering how her daughter could sell her brother to a complete stranger.

"He visited me last year and lied to me that he would take his brother to enroll him in a school in the city, as there is no good school in our village."

"Since he took the boy, I never heard from him because whenever I called to hear his voice, he kept telling me one lie or another for a year now.

I got tired of asking and since I didn't suspect my own daughter could do this to me, I didn't raise any alarm."

"As God would have it, he took the proposed husband to his father's home in the southeast, the father demanded to know where his son was first before he could process his marriage proposal."

"Later he lied to her that the child was dead, but the father went to a doctor and was told that the child was alive.

Then he threatened her and she opened up and told him the truth that she was living with a woman in Enugu."

"When his father informed me, I reported the incident to the police who quickly arrested him and his accomplice, a child trafficker," the distraught mother said.