Gachagua: Arrogance in some of you leaders is undermining President

"Wengine wamekuwa na kiburi, wakifungua mdomo watu wanakasirika."

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua speaks during a Sunday service at the PEFA Church Kiamariga, Nyeri county, July 7, 2024.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has criticized certain leaders for their arrogance, which he claims is fueling public discontent with the government.

During a Sunday service at PEFA Church Kiamariga in Nyeri County, Gachagua emphasized the responsibility of government leaders to support President William Ruto's initiatives.

He condemned those who, through their arrogance, are aggravating the public and undermining the President.

While refraining from naming individuals, the DP accused some leaders of looking down on Kenyans, thereby provoking widespread anger.

"Don't undermine the President and his government by antagonizing Kenyans. Some have become so arrogant that when they speak, people get angry," Gachagua remarked.

"These individuals are damaging the President's and the government's reputation with their arrogance," he added.

Accompanied by Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, Gachagua urged leaders to empathize with Kenyans who are struggling.

He stressed that the government's success relies on the unity and cooperation of its leaders to assist the President.

"As an elected leader, I stay connected to the feelings, views, and aspirations of those who elected me. I support the President in all his work and continually listen to Kenyans to make informed decisions," Gachagua said.

He called on leaders to prioritize the well-being of Kenyans in all their actions to ensure progress.

This is not the first time Gachagua has addressed the issue of arrogance among leaders. On June 30, he cautioned Kenya Kwanza politicians against displaying opulence and arrogance, reminding them to respect Kenyans who worked hard to secure their victory in the 2022 elections.

"I have seen some people become arrogant after getting money and forget the difficult journey we endured.

This government was formed through prayers and will be sustained by prayers," Gachagua stated in Kaplong, Bomet County.

He lamented that some Kenya Kwanza leaders had begun showing off and disrespecting the very people who ensured their electoral success.

"Let us stop chest-thumping, respect the people of Kenya, and address them with humility and respect," Gachagua urged.

"When we have eaten enough and our stomachs are full, let's not vomit and throw out on Kenyans," he warned.

President William Ruto, during an X Space conversation on Friday, acknowledged the display of arrogance by some leaders.

He mentioned that he has repeatedly called and warned them about their behavior, attributing it partly to inexperience.

"I have a duty to mentor them. They will make mistakes and show some arrogance, but it is partly due to inexperience," Ruto said, adding, "I sometimes want to take responsibility."