Davido responds to reports of slapping his bouncer at his lavish wedding

The recent viral video of Davido's action sparked a wildfire of outrage and controversy all over the internet.

Popular Nigerian musician Davido has responded to viral reports suggesting he slapped his bouncer at his recent wedding.

Davido vehemently denied any physical altercation at his lavish wedding ceremony.

Davido took to his social media to respond to the accusations saying, "F**k what people got to say, stay active!"

The speculation arose from a video circulating online showing Davido signaling to the bouncer, Segun Ogunjobi, seemingly intervening on behalf of a child attempting to approach him.

The recent viral video of Davido's action sparked a wildfire of outrage and controversy all over the internet.

The video shows Davido, with fire in his eyes, raising his hand toward Segun’s face, vehemently chastising him for what he saw as a gross overstep towards the child.

He explained that the boy suddenly entered the scene from nowhere, and he was trying to block him from reaching the singer.

Segun emphasized his loyalty to Davido, saying he knows the singer well and has never been physically disciplined by him.

“As regards d fake video flying on d internet. Y’all commenting shit u don’t know. My boss didn’t slap me and has never slapped any of his staff before,'' he said.

''He’s only cautioning me 2 allow d boy. D boy in question appeared from nowhere, and I tried to stop him. Besides, my boss is my blood and family; I understand him so well without a word from his mouth. 30BG for life. HML boss”

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