Milly Chebby's eye-raising answer after Jackie Matubia query

The pair were best of friends for many years but aren't seen hanging out as much as they used to

In a recent interview with Plug TV, celebrity couple Terence Creative and Milly Chebby spoke about their current relationship with Jackie Matubia.

They did this during the launch of 'The Bahati's Empire' reality show.  

He explained that the couple did not have the opportunity to interact with Jackie due to the protocol they had to follow as part of the Deputy President's entourage.

"We've not met her one-on-one. Hatukupata nafasi ya ku interact na watu. Wakati show iliisha tuli interact na watu lakini kwa bahati mbaya maybe hatukupatana naye. Lakini tulisalimia kila mtu," Terrence explained.

Milly was asked if they were on good terms with Jackie but she seemed to be distressed by the question.

She answered, ''Aki this question. I really don't want to answer it today,'  before Terence quickly jumped over to avoid any controversies.

As rumours persist on the state of the two celeb's current friendship status, we at Classic105 are going to go over well-known beefs from the past.

Ambe Ray and Vera Sidika beef

Vera and Amber have always been compared for their lavish lifestyle and who is the boss between them.

In 2023 their feud escalated when netizens noticed what seemed like subtle digs between the two.

They both had similar baby shower themes to social media captions which were interpreted as shade.

However, there has not been any confirmation of their conflict from either of them.

Amberay & Vera Sidika
Image: INSTAGRAM collage

Khaligraph Jones and Octopizzo

In 2017, a social media spat erupted, with each artist taking lyrical jabs at the other in their music.

Their reason of their feud is unclear but they are known to be the best rappers in Kenya with different fanbase.

They have not exactly collaborated like other artists although they've acknowledged each other's talent and appear to have moved on.

Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones
Image: INSTAGRAM collage

Akothee and Pilot Nyako

A battle unfolded to determine the ultimate boss lady between German-based TikToker Nyako and singer Akothee.

It started when Nyako criticized Akothee's failed marriages.

Akothee warned Nyako against mentioning her name on TikTok, dismissing her as an Akothee 'wannabe.'

Akothee & Nyako
Image: INSTAGRAM collage