Why Lewis Hamilton is angered by UK newspapers

The 7-time F1 champion is well-known for his loud stand on social issues

The headlines that have angered Lewis Hamilton
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Seven-time Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has condemned the British media for their biased blame towards Black players and athletes.

The England national football team was defeated by Iceland on Friday, and the media, along with critics, were quick to target Bukayo Saka for their woes.

In a quick review of the major sports journals and newspapers in England, a significant number, reporting on the Three Lions' defeat at the hands of Iceland, used pictures of Bukayo Saka, suggesting placing the blame on the young player of Nigerian descent.

Lewis Hamilton spoke out in support of Bukayo Saka after he was harshly criticized for not playing well in the match against Iceland before the EURO 2024 Cup.

Hamilton called on the British media to show impartiality towards the entire team in soccer games, rather than specifically targeting Black players due to their race.

Bukayo Saka is an English football player who plays for Arsenal and the England national team. Saka has faced opposition and criticism due to his Black heritage in both club and country games.

“We need to hold the British media accountable for their systemic insults towards Black players. The continual abuse of Black players needs to stop. This rampant racism has no place in football, but many media outlets suggest otherwise,” Hamilton wrote in his Instagram story.

The 39-year-old has been a steadfast activist against racism and has spoken out multiple times in defense of Black people worldwide.

The Mercedes driver is the only Black driver in the history of Formula 1 and has championed equality throughout his years on the national grid.