Eddie Butita exposes Bahati badly in front of Riggy G

Huyu kitu anajua kufanya kwa hii maisha ni kitu inaitwa clout - Butita to Riggy G

Eddie Butita

Comedian Eddie Butita unmasked Bahati in front of DP Rigathi Gachagua during the launch of his new Reality TV show set to air on Netflix.

Butita was invited to speak at the launch and he used the opportunity to expose Bahati’s antics as far as Clout-chasing is concerned.

"I am so happy to be here at 'The Bahatis Empire' launch”.

"But allow me to roast Bahati and Diana. Deputy President, let me share with you some secrets about our good artist Bahati. He used to cry in 2012. He used to write letters because he was struggling financially,” Butita said.

He went on to roast Bahati’s music career – from Gospel to Secular.  

"Wacha ashike pesa kidogo, Adhiambo. So now huyu kitu anajua kufanya kwa hii maisha ni kitu inaitwa clout. Okay, clout ni kiki. Clout means waking up today and saying you've broken up with your wife, and then on Friday, you release a new song," he said.

Butita explained further, "Clout is waking up today and saying something to trend, then tomorrow you release something new. Clout is saying on Friday at 10 AM, Bahati featuring Satan for the new Gospel... Clout is refusing to take your wife to the National Park because there are animals."