Mike Mondo on why he quit Alcohol as he engages listeners in interesting discussion

What is that one thing you want to quit? What would it take for you to quit?

Mike Mondo
Image: Instagram

Radio Host Mike Mondo had an interesting discussion on some of the things his listeners would like to quit and what it will take them to make that decision.

He went on to share that, he had a friend he had known for 15 years and he had told him that he was quitting alcohol after a decade.

Mike also said that he quit alcohol due to health issues.

The Radio Star host went ahead and posed the question to his listeners, asking them to name that one thing they would like to quit.

Here are some of the responses shared:

John Tanui  I quit both in 2018 bro.. although it's not easy.. but i did.

mwendakk Mkiacha pombe Eabl watalipia Nani rent?Kunyweni kabisa

tixxie254 The habit of trusting people so much, this one I am learning how to quit