Former KTN news anchor lands new job with International media house in Turkey

On January 31, 2024 journalist Radido announced that she had ended her relationship with KTN.

Brenda Czeda Radid

Former KTN News anchor Brenda Czeda Radido has landed a new job with an international media based in Turkey.

On Friday, March 1, 2024, Brenda announced that she had joined TRT World as she made a comeback in the media space after leaving KTN.

“This can only be God, mine is a story that l will tell one of these fine days. He has been faithful and has walked with me on this journey.....Anchoring and news gathering will always be part of me.... tupatane pale @trtworld for more news making the headlines.#yearofexpansion #newbeginnings #expandingterritories #anchornumber1,” Brenda Radido shared.

On January 31, 2024 journalist Radido announced that she had ended her relationship with KTN.

In her exit message, Brenda mentioned that KTN has molded the journalist she is today and taken her to places she never imagined.

"And just like that. My five-year stay at the standard Group @ktnnews has come to an end. @ktnnews has built me and made me who l am today the brand BRENDA CZEDA RADIDO. @ktnnews has taken me to places l never thought of nor imagined,” Brenda said in part.

She went on to thank the KTN management for banking on her for the past 5 years.

“This far l have come it has been God without him l wouldn't be here and who l am today.

Everyone who allowed me to tell their stories on this platform @ktnnews asanteni sana. To my workmates and bosses thank you for believing in me.......oooohhhh my goodness l lack words to describe the great team work that we had. #kilichonamwanzokinamwisho,” Brenda Radido added.

During her last bulletin, Brenda was treated to a surprise farewell party that had been put together by her colleagues.

Brenda Czeda Radido's career

Before joining KTN News, Radido honed her journalistic skills at Kenya's national broadcaster, KBC, where she worked for two years.

Her career in media also includes a stint at Ebru TV from 2013 to 2016.